Pain in Her Heart

  1. There´s a pain in her heart
    That she can´t handle.
    It´s an ache in her heart
    That won´t go away, seems here to stay.

    Sometimes it hurts her so
    It makes her tongue turn dry.There´s a pain in her heart
    And she can´t say why.

    There´s a brain in her head
    That tries to understand it.
    A good brain in her head,
    So she reads about this and thinks about that.

    Sometimes the more she reads
    The less she wants to know.
    And the pain in her heart
    Refuses to go.

    She´s been to the doctor.
    What did he think?
    And she thought:
    “He´s probably thinking
    I´m a case for the shrink”.
    Then he wrote a prescription
    For pills that she won´t take.
    “It´s worst in the night-time”, she says
    “Keeps me awake”.

    There´s a look on her face
    That´s hard to fathom.
    From the look on her face
    You wouldn´t know, and nobody knows.

    Sometimes at work she`ll say:
    “Today I´m not feeling too well”.
    ´Cos the pain in her heart
    Is giving her hell.

A sad story about a young woman - attractive, amicable, good-natured.
But something is wrong, something caues her pain.
And she can´t say why ...